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The Webb Lake Association (WLA) is a non-profit organization whose members and supported are dedicated to protecting the environment in and around the Webb Lake area.  The natural state and beauty of Webb Lake and the surrounding mountains are unsurpassed and our intent is to keep them that way!  People who live or camp in Weld, or simply travel through the area, have pondered the question of what the WLA does for the lake and the surrounding community. To that end, we have listed below some of the important contributions of the WLA.

Lake Water Quality

The WLA has established a very extensive water-testing program which includes periodic water sampling of the lake and streams that feed the lake. The samples are sent to the State of Maine laboratories in Augusta for testing and the results are submitted to an independent environmental company to be analyzed. The results are delivered back to the WLA with information as to the condition of the lake with recommendations for improvement and preservations. In 2010, the WLA worked to resolve an e-coli bacteria issue at one of the brooks.

Of growing concern has been the presence of invasive plants which have infected many lakes throughout Maine and in bordering states. Each year, the WLA certifies volunteers to inspect boats entering the waters, assisted by inspections of boats launched at the State Park. The WLA has also worked with a group of University of Maine-Farmington students to identify and map native plants in the lake as a baseline for future reference. We have recently acquired a glass bottom kayak which is used to patrol lake shores over the summer months to search for new invasive plant growth.


The WLA employs an on-going effort to encourage people with homes and camps in the area adjacent to Webb Lake to help us keep pollutants from entering the water. The WLA sends newsletters to members three times a year, or you can sign up for our new e-Newsletter (coming soon!) on this website.  The newsletter provides insightful information on how to protect and enhance our environment and surrounding community. In addition, volunteers periodically distribute educational packets.

Community Involvement

In an attempt to capture the essence of Webb Lake as a recreational gem, the WLA sponsors or organizes a number of events open to the public. We begin each summer with a “Welcome Back Summer Breakfast” social at Morning Glory Bakery in the center of Weld. During the month of July, we assist the Audubon Society with its annual “Loon Count” and host a festive Lake Day and fishing derby. Please visit our events page for more detailed information around the Summer Schedule of Events.

The WLA obtains its financial support mainly through membership dues and donations, although we also sponsor an annual raffle, sell detailed maps of the area and make available for purchase clothing with the WLA logo (Link coming soon!).

Membership is vital to the success of our mission and existence. The WLA is administered and organized solely by volunteers… your friends and neighbors. If you are not currently a member, please join to help us achieve our worthy objective to preserve beautiful Webb Lake.

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  • Is there a way to become a member of the WLA on this website. I see the link to make a donation but not become a member.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Nichole, I am working on finishing the site this week and the link should be working in the next two days. Thanks for checking Nichole! Carla Gauthier

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